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kinect and WIImote

Jan 15, 2012 at 9:04 PM

You know what would be really cool is an XNA application that uses kinect and wii motion plus.   I have to think

MS will eventually give in and have a control with kinect but it might be a while.    I mean really if the goal is

realism why not have a control.    Most games you have something in your hand (i dont count dancing as a game),

And wrist movement is 75% of a lot games i would want to play or develop.   I would like your thoughts if you

think wrist movements with cameras can eventually be accurate as a controller.   Wii motion plus and kinect

could be like 1.1 to 1 while we wait for MS to come around.    On a side note i am kinda wondering why no

wii motion plus development.


                                    Thanks for your great work (Brian your one of good guys)