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Aug 4, 2010 at 2:23 AM

Is there an easy way to make an autoconnect work?  This is possible but I don't think I know enough about how the stack works in order to pull this off.  Smoothconnect makes this work, and WiimoteConnect claims to pull it off (couldn't get it to work on my box).

From running smoothconnect it looks like they just scan for bluetooth devices, then add your device if looks like a wiimote.  When you need to reconnect it first removes the item from your bluetooth devices, then repeats the standard connection I just mentioned.  Pretty much an automated version of how I current reconnect a wiimote.  I have to remove the wiimote from my bluetooth devices, then I have to scan it back down.

I played around with C4FD, and I could get the sample apps to detect scan down the wiimote, but I could not get it to actually connect to it (add it to the bluetooth device list).  I suppose it would help if I knew what type of a bluetooth a device the wiimote is.  C4FD was referencing a serial port, object push, and file???

I'm using the standard bluetooth stacks in win XP and 7.